Primitive Ventures Ghana Tours

A few comments from Ghana travellers...

Florence, Belgium

"I went to Ghana to visit a dear friend of mine who's been living there for 10 years. After hanging out with me for a week and showing me Accra and its surroundings, it was time for him to go back to work. Since there where many more places I wanted to visit, he mentioned to me that he knew this really cool rasta named Bushman , who would gladly accompany me on my travels around the country. So I called Bushman, not knowing at first that he was used to guide people. "Just let me know where you want to go, what you want to see, and I'll take you there" he told me. He told me about the different routes we could take, what would be interesting to visit... I made my little plan and off we went, wherever I wanted, whenever I wanted. "Yo rastaman,.. respect !" , people kept yelling around us... Bushman unleashed all kinds of reactions from people, it was quite funny, he is definitely a special person ! During our whole trip I didn't have to worry about a thing, he took care of everything ; the local transportation, the guesthouses, the places worth visiting... He tought me a lot about the country, the local habits, the culture... He really took care of me like a friend does, not as someone I had just met, I really appreciated that .I felt very safe. But if you ask me what I mostly love about Bushman, I would answer you : his intelligence,his open-mindedness, his free spirit ... So if you feel like travelling to Ghana off the beaten tracks , don't hesitate, team up with Bushman for the experience of a lifetime, I promise you, you won't regret it !"

Florence & Bushman

Tony Drury, Nottingham, United Kingdom

"As a British citizien working as voluntary science teacher for 3 years in rural Ghana I found it invaluable throughout that period to know Bushman as he made the Ghana experience even more enjoyable and smooth running through his Primitive Ventures services. Upon my return to the UK, Bushman consistently shipped quality African artworks and especially drums to me to pass onto friends, musicians and arts collectors in the UK. The drums are made to a high standard both acoustically and aesthetically. They are never disappointing. For those who are travelling to Ghana for their first or second time, Primitive Ventures is a must. Whether you need a translator, negotiator, tour guide, drum maker, advisor, or just simply good company, Bushman is all that and more. Bushman is friendly, honest and always has your best interest in mind. My last visit to Ghana (in October 2004) has only seen improvements in all aspects of the Primitive Ventures business, we toured from Accra through to Tumu in the far North of Ghana. One thing that you must experience is the Rastaman drumming from Bushmans home town Okurase, in the Eastern region. Traditional djembe and kpalogo drumming by his drum and dance ensemble is a frequent event that should not be missed."

"Bushman comes with the highest recommendation."

Henk ter Telgte, Holland

"Looking around the internet we found the site “Primitive Ventures”. We decided to contact Bushman Kafu. After several e-mail contacts we agreed to visit Ghana during a week guided by Bushman. We made an appointment in Kumasi at an hotel. Bushman was there in time and we started to visit lake Bosomtwi. After that we visited in a few days Cape Coast, Elmina Castle en Labadi Beach. In Accra we went to the museum, a market and the cultural centre. It was very nice to be there with Bushman because he is well-known. He worked several years at the cultural market and has a lot of friends over there. One thing one has to know about Bushman is that he is a rastaman. Therefor people react at him. We personally liked that. The days we travelled without Bushman we heard constantly "Obruni" or "Salaminga" because of our white skin. The days we travelled wíth Bushman we didn’t hear that anymore! Travelling with a guide means that you don’t have to worry about fair prices, about getting the right bus or tro-tro, about getting a reasonable guesthouse and things like that. So we can recommend the guiding by Bushman. You'll sure have a lot of fun!"

Henk and Bushman in Cape Coast


Akua Odunyo Takiampong, USA

"Greetings folks: I am pleased to announce I took a brief two day tour with Ras Bushman to the Ashanti Region, in Ghana, with my sister, Akosua Duku. We had a very enjoyable time. We were able to see the Palace of King Prempah II, the Okomfo Sword's "in ground" site and take in an art museum. Ras Bushman took us to great eateries. The establishments were very clean with excellent food. We were also able to take in some shopping on a brief tour. Ras Bushman made sure we received good bargains and were not cheated because we were Americans. He did all of our translating for us. We had a wonderful time and I look forward to my next trip to Ghana. Hopefully I will have a longer stay in Ghana so I can fully enjoy the talents of Ras Bushman as our tour guide. Again, Ras Bushman, thank you for making our trip safe, memorable and fun. I look forward to recommending your website to all my family and friends."

Lut & Bob, Belgium

"We met Bushman Kafu by chance in Accra. Normally we never travel with a guide because we just don't like 'guided tours'. But in this case we made an exception and travelled around Ghana with him. This way many doors went open that otherwise would have stayed closed. He knows his way around, speaks a few native languages and always wants to try something new. As a person he is intelligent, flexible, discreet and honest. When you want to travel "off the beaten track" and want to learn something about Ghanaian culture, he's your man... "